Saturday, November 18, 2006

Asaduddin Owaisi MP discussion in the Parliament

Majlis e ittehadul Muslimeen MP Asaduddin Owaisi Opening a Project from his MP fund in Hyderabad.

Asaduddin Owaisi MP discussion in the Parliament

Thank you, Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, for giving me the opportunity.
I rise to support the Demands for Grants of the Ministry of Home Affairs. My first point is regarding the naxallites. If you see the Annual Report of the Ministry, the number of incidents of deaths of civilians, policemen and naxallites has increased. At the same time, if you see the figures of Andhra Pradesh for the year 2004, when the State Government had a cease-fire with the naxallites, the incidents of deaths have really come down. If you compare it with the figures of 2005 the deaths have really increased. Therefore, my suggestion to the hon. Minister of Home Affairs is this.
It has been stated in the Annual Report that the problem of naxallites has spread to nine States. So, why do we not have a national policy towards it? The best part is that this Government, this formation has accepted the naxallite problem as a socio-economic problem. When you are accepting it as a socio-economic problem, then there needs to be a cease-fire. A dialogue process should be restarted again so that we can find an end solution to it. A bullet for a bullet will not be an answer to it.
I would like to bring to your notice about what happened in Andhra Pradesh yesterday. The ‘Salva Judum’ activists have entered Andhra Pradesh and forcibly taken away 14 people and three people have died while escaping. Where is this thing going on? How to stop it? How can we encourage such sort of activists to take the law into their own hands?
Yesterday at the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Police Academy there was a seminar where the Chairman of the second Administrative Reforms Commission Shri Veerappa Moily has gone on record and stated that the Central Government is thinking about having a new Central legislation to curb organised crime and to have a new law to control the terrorism activities.

Sir, I believe that this is nothing but reviving of POTA. I oppose such laws which are going to be made. As far as POTA is concerned, the Act has been repealed over here. I had very vociferously asked that at least as far as confession is related, retrospective effective should be given to confession, but that has not been taken into consideration. What is happening now? But for our repealing POTA, these five innocent Banaras youths would have been under POTA. They have been left because their identities have not been proven.
As far as Gujarat is concerned - I am sure that my hon. friend, Shri Mistry will corroborate what I am saying - more than 42 cases have been booked. Each case has 125 witnesses. Despite a POTA Review Committee giving a recommendation that all the Godhra detainees prima facie cannot be booked under POTA, the Gujarat Government has gone against the recommendation of the POTA Review committee and the Supreme Court has given a stay. It has not recognised the POTA Review Committee's suggestions. I would like to know from the hon. Home Minister, through you, what steps the Government is taking to ensure that those people who have been booked in Gujarat under POTA and are lying in Sabarmati Jail get justice. In Sabarmati Jail, in camera proceedings are being done. No Press person is allowed. Even the parents of the accused are not allowed. For more than three years, they have been lying in Sabarmati Jail. What is their policy? Why do you not go to the Supreme Court and get the stay vacated? POTA Review Committee has actively and clearly stated that prima facie there is no case against these Godhra activists.
In the same Hiren Pandya case, a statement has been given on oath by Mr. Mushtaq Chanmiya. Who is this Mushtaq Chanmiya? He has said on oath that he has links with ISI. He has said that he had got money from ISI and Mufti Sufian had helped him. He has said that Yasin Farooqi had helped him. Mr. Chanmiya is going scot-free. He is not being arrested over there. This clearly shows that the present Government over there is hand in glove with them. It is conniving with and helping only terrorists. Why has Mr. Chanmiya not been arrested? The best part of it in Gujarat is that in Hiren Pandya case, an accused is a witness in a tiffin bomb case. He is also an approver in the conspiracy case. Gujarat has been legally turned into a banana republic. In Hiren Pandya case, the CBI is inquiring. Why can the CBI not inquire into the conspiracy case also? What is stopping you? I am really surprised.
As far as Gujarat is concerned, I would like to point, through you, that this is damaging our democratic institutions. This is what the terrorists want. They want to destroy our democratic institutions. People are losing faith in these institutions. The process of law should not get diluted. The process of law should be legitimate. I would like to bring, through you, to the notice of hon. Home Minister that among the Muslim youths, there is a talk about this thing. I see anger in their eyes. I see mistrust in their eyes. I see all these things in their eyes. I am telling you with all responsibility that I fear a backlash. These are the things which become fodder for all these people.
Five days ago, a terrorist has been killed in an encounter in Delhi. Unfortunately, he happened to be from Hyderabad. His parents do not know his whereabouts for the past three years. On 4th January, an IPS officer belonging to Hyderabad had called for a press conference. In front of the Press people, he openly abused the father of this boy. Ten days ago, he called his father and told that they would take him to Bangladesh. Why is he making all these statements? What kind of message is the Police Department sending to the common man on the streets? People are worried over there. This sort of statement should not have been made.
Justice U.C. Banerjee Commission has given its report. If and when, the report is tabled, will the Government go for a CBI inquiry?

On the Babri Masjid issue, you have stated in the Annual Report that Liberhan Commission's time will finish on 30th of March. Liberhan Commission must give its report by 30th March. At the same time, there is crime no. 198 of Babri Masjid case which is in Raebareilly. There was a discussion in this august House at that time that crime no. 198 should be joined with crime no. 197 of Lucknow. The notification has to be issued by the State Government. I would request the Samajwadi Party Members who are here to pressurise their Government in UP. Let the Central Government make a request to the State Government that a notification should be issued.
The latest report tabled by the National Human Rights Commission clearly states that they are annoyed with the response of the State Government of Gujarat as far as relief and compensation is concerned. Losses worth Rs. 658 crore had taken place, but the Gujarat Government has given only Rs. 56 crore. Why does not the Central Government come out and say that we will give compensation to the Muslims as has been given to the Sikhs in Delhi? Why cannot you give compensation to them?
The UPA Government has come into power because of the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. But for the massacre, you would not have come into power. The people are asking us this question. What is this combination doing? Why cannot Muslims of Gujarat be given compensation if Sikhs can be given compensation?
The National Human Rights Commission has stated that Rs. 658 crore worth damage of property took place, and only Rs. 56 crore has been given by the Government of Gujarat. Why cannot the Central Government come forward and give it?
Lastly, as regards the Jessica Lal case, there is anger about the judgement. But anger cannot turn into a policy. If the Government is going to bring in a legislation, then that piece of legislation will give more powers to the police. It would mean that more innocent people would be harassed. We have 164 Cr.P.C., which states that a witness can make a statement before the Magistrate.
I would also like to request the hon. Home Minister that -- as far as the POTA detainees in Gujarat are concerned -- he should get that stay vacated. Why cannot you probe the conspiracy case, if you are probing the Hiren
Pandaya case?


Anonymous said...

Hyderabad Muslims just have one person in the history ?? The MIM clan ?? Man and wake up write about every one from Azharuddin to Founder of Siyasat to Makhdum Mohiuddin to Sania Mriza to many more... or else f**k dont talk as if you are sole property of Hyderabad..

Anonymous said...

Nor Azharuddin Nor Sania rersent Muslims of Hyderabad and there issues anywhere so better not give credit to them and what have they done for upliftment of Hyderabds Muslims no one denys that they are good in there respective fields but coming to political reprsentation it is MiM and its Leadership Only.

KMWGroup said...

I hear lot against MIM these days .But i am sure this is the only single party on the face of hyderabad i must say Andhra pradesh to Represent muslims and who are concerned about their issues.

Well what have Azharuddin or Sania did to hyderabadis ?

Majlis Itehadul Muslimeen has always thought for the development of hyderabad and its people.

MIM always Stood steadfastly for the welfare of muslims and others in Hyderabad.

I hope the leaders of MIM will continue there work .

Anonymous said...

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KMWGroup said...

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KMWGroup said...

It's funny to hear you want to blow the two holy places of Muslims .I must tell you that you are not challenging Muslims you are challenging your creator surely you will be made into ashes if you challenge your Creator .

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Anonymous said...

where can i download all the videos of parliament specially of asaduddin sahb and akber sahb. as only limited videos are available on youtube