Monday, January 01, 2007

MiM : Muslims Get a Raw Deal in A.P Land Distribution Scheme

MiM Leaders representing to Area Collector On Various Issues in Hyderabad.

MiM : Muslims get a raw deal in A.P land distribution scheme

The Muslims in the State got a raw deal in recently-concluded land distribution scheme of Indira Prabha, which was done in three phases from last year. The total land distributed was 3,94,349 acres in which Muslims were allotted less than one per cent. Only 2,812 muslims got the land out of 2,56,060 beneficiaries. The contrast was more glaring in the third round with just 191 Muslims getting land out of 35,999 beneficiaries. It is surprising the government went ahead with the land distribution without allotting not even a single acre in some of the districts. In Visakhapatnam, West Godavari and Ranga Reddy districts minorities did not get even a single acre. Minorities belonging to Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts were ignored in second phase, and Prakasam, Warangal, Kadapa and East Godavari district muslims were cold shouldered in the third phase. “It is disheartening to see that so many districts failed to provide land to the poor Muslims,
though the scheme is meant for them,” said MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi after he staged a walk-out from the Assembly.


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